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How to translate app's interface

You can translate Trackchecker to any language easily:

  1. Go to the Application folder, then in Lang subfolder.
  2. Open English.lng with simple text editor (f.e.:Notepad),
  3. Save as new file, f.e.: spanish.lng
  4. Then translate all texts after "=" sign. But please keep all %s, %d and ~~ signs - it helps to format texts.
  5. Then send me this translated file (Just click on "Send an e-mail to the developer" in the About window) and I will check and add your translation to the next version of app.

How to update a service or all of services manually...

...with downloaded or single service update with *.xml file.

You need... just drag-n-drop this file with update on the main app's window, then agree with update.

Really simple? ;-)