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App Changelog

1.0.12 b440 [02/10/2016]

+ New popup menu items for services: Open forum topic & Search info on forum by SID
+ HTTP GZIP encoding support
+ Multi-language services names support
+ New group option: Don't hide when filtering
* Site parser engine improvements
* Exported tracks file extension is .tctracks by default
! Google translate fixes
! Other minor bugfixes

1.0.11 b410 [10/14/2014]
+ Hash sha256 support (actual for KazPost service)
+ Selected services of track now includes in QR-Code
+ Autofix data.xml function
* Site parser engine improvements
* Some GUI changes
! Fixed bug with user data loss if service site sends wrong symbols in events text
! Other minor bugfixes

1.0.11 Beta b404  [04/16/2014]
+ Upgraded CAPTCHA image load algorithm (actual for kz_post)
+ New replacement tag support [MD5[]] - for more correct work with cn_17track
+ Upgraded event text compare algorithm
+ Anonymous usage statistic sending
* sv123 update of serivces.dat
* Update server changed
- Fixed bug with unselectable default services in app options
- Other minor bugfixes

1.0.10 Beta b399  [01/19/2014]
+ service support. Automated CAPTCHA recognition. (Options-Services-Antigate options)
+ Detection rule of incorrect CAPTCHA response from services (actual for china post). New track log state: CaptchaValidateError
+ Country filter and column for services list in track properties and app options
+ Track log errors display for column "Extended info"
* Some other GUI changes
- Fixed other minor bugs

1.0.9 b393  [12/15/2013]
+ Added BitCoin ID for donations
+ Services descriptions and Site parser improvements: Added pre/post replacement rules (for full support of dl_sw and some other services)
+ Tracks text filtering: Regular Expression and Inverted condition rules, new on/of switch and options buttons, filters condition history
+ CAPTCHA input window: Click to change scale of captcha, hotkey F5 reloads CAPTCHA
+ Collapse/Expand selected tree element by Enter key
+ No info state if service returned empty response
* When move elements up/down hidden by filter elements are ignored now
* Some other parser engine improvements
* QR-generator: click on QR-image changes scale
* Some changes in services auto-detection and complex tracking numbers parsing
- Fixed "Duplicates are not allowed" when restoring from backup
- Fixed services.dat loose when switching in portable mode via app options

1.0.8 beta b360

+ New "Reload" button on CAPTCHA input dialog
+ Connection type icon in status bar with popup menu
+ Offline QR-Code generator (uses Quricol library) in place of online google QR-gen.
+ New command line parameter: fixxml, fixing unloadable data files with wrong symbols. Call example: trackchecker.exe -fixxml:"c:\trackchecker\data.xml"
* Some improvements of site parser engine
- Fixed infinite tracks update, if no needed codepage is installed in OS.
- Fixed bug with AM/PM time decoding (UPS will work now again)
- Fixed bug with wrong character pasting in description/comment/track fields.
- Fixed multiline ouput in tracks tree, broken after tree component update in previous beta-version
- Fixed other minor bugs

1.0.8 beta b333  [07/28/2013]
+ Double click on captcha image to zoom it
+ New smart hot-key (F6) for function "Count days from this event"
+ Saving keyboard layout on captcha input window (English by default)
+ New option: View - Show status bar
+ New notification icon about captcha input
+ New option: "Events - Translate To", user is able to select different default langauge (than UI lang) for "translate event to" function
+ Now user can update meta-info of single service from .xml file, just drug-n-drop it on main app window
+ Auto-height of description and translation fields of Event properties window
+ Drop-down menu with available languages for "Translate" button on Event properties window
+ Storing of last selected "Auto add" events on New Track Add wizard
+ Translated to: Croatian, Slovene
* Updated date-time parser for events, now it supports of multiple date-time formats
* More correct support of "dummy" services for "Open track in service...", like cn_17track and other
* Hot-key "Go to next new event" (Alt+N)
* Some other improvements
- Fixed serious problem with lost of application options after services update
- Fixed bug with strange problem of update of the tracks
- Removed annoying balloon hint about captcha input
- Fixed problem with loading of saved windows coordinates

1.0.7 b310 [14/04/2013]

+ Option "Skip services with CAPTCHA on update of all tracks". It's turn off CAPTCHA requests. Services that needs manual CAPTCHA input can be checked on selected tracks update only.
+ Option "Close all remote app instances". If turn on - The app on start will try to close other running instances via creating signal file "tc_close", then waits for a several seconds, kill this file and run as usual
+ Option "Highlight last event". It is splitted with option "Striped events"
+ Option "Show additional notification icon on new events"
* On/Off Delivered flag from context menu for several tracks
* Display SID of services on CAPTCHA input dialog
* Restored icons of main menu, context menu and tray menu
* Backups now includes user options, not only track data
* Balloon hint in notification area on CAPTCHA input request
* Now icons of tracks tree can be customized y users. See subfolder "icons"
* Some changes in site parser engine
- Fixed error on last event of track deleting/hiding
- Fixed some errors on manual CAPTCHA input
- Fixed other minor bugs

1.0.7 b309 RC2 [02/14/2013]
* Tracks will not expanded while drag-n-drop operation is over them
* Forgotten translation for QR-Codes Generator window
- Fixed services autodetection on add/import

1.0.7 b308 RC1  [02/11/2013]
+ Services version output in caption of main App window (...[sv102])
+ Middle size of toolbar icons was added
+ Customizable generation of QR-Codes for several selected tracks (for import it in mobile versions of app)
+ Position of all app's windows is now saving and restoring
+ Service list sorting and column sizes are stored too (in Track and Groups properties, App options window and so on)
+ Massive comment append/change on several tracks (Context menu-Other-Append/Change track comment)
+ Focused row highlight (not only cell one)
+ New option: Show event description in additional column
+ New option: Turn off notification (tray balloon and sound) for similar events (events with same date/time)
+ Skip existing tracks on import (If is on option Tracks - Check track existing on Add)
* Captcha input timeout increased to 60 seconds. And timer now resetting when user start to input captcha.
* Tree component updated
* Other minor changes
- Fixed problem with saving option "Save tree sort"
- Fixed problem with ignoring of option "Do not show a splash screen"
- Other minor bugs were fixed

1.0.7 b306 beta [12/30/2012]

+ Manual captcha input support (used for china & fj_freipost)
+ New load reduction algorithm for services
+ Option: Check finalized tracks (def.:off)
+ Option: Striped events (def.:on)
+ New flag of ready to check state
+ Option: Show ready-to-update flag (def.:on)
+ Option: Save tree sorting state (def.:off)
+ Service option: forbid parallel requests
* Other minor changes
* Supported version of services: v101
- Minor bug-fixes

1.0.6 (b303) [12/10/2012]
+ New app option: Validate tracking number (UPU S10 is used)
+ New app option: Make Track red when one service failed
+ New field in event's properties window: Count days from this event
* Site parser: minor changes
* Import from xml file: now available in the root of tracks tree
* Import from xml file: Improved on import from xml file genereated by iOS version of App
* Some restrictions on the call of tracks updates to reduce the load on services from impatient users
- Minor bug-fixes

1.0.6 (b301) Beta [24/11/2012]
+ Sites parser: support of Russian Post Captcha recognition
+ Added translation to: French, Deutch, Spanish
* Site parser: internal algorithm was updated
* Other minor changes
- Error on events translation
- Other minor bugfixes

1.0.5 (b297) RC5 [11/11/2012]
+ Site parser: month names detection
* Other minor changes
- Import from XML fixed
- Fixed some other bugs

1.0.4 (b295) RC4 [20 Sep 2012]
- Fixed tracking number checksum control function

1.0.4 (b294) RC4 [17 Sep 2012]
+ UPU Tracking number checksum control
+ New service field: track parse mask
* Translations updated: English/Turkish/Armenian/Ukrainian
- Wrong multi-line output
- Wrong service selection if used with fast services search (On Track add or edit)

1.0.2 (b293) RC3 [12 Sep 2012]
+ Option "Underline elements with link"
+ Create backup by user command (from the window of backups list)
+ Event flag "Count days from this event" (Pop-up menu-Other)
+ Lost user data searching (Actions-Load found user data...)
* Some changes in Event properties window
- Fixed bug with Drag&Drop
- Fixed wrong "About" Window text

1.0.2 (b292) RC2 [09 Sep 2012]
+ Extended Export/Import from CSV
+ Built-in on-line translation. Event descriptions now can be translated to your language in one click
+ Save/Load of user data to external file
+ Restore from backup in main menu
+ Link of tracking number now displayed as icon in the tracks tree
* Export/Import from XML has changed
* More correct support of Dummy services (china_en & rus_0)
* Advanced service options window translated to English
* Site parser engine updated
* Main & pop-up menu of main window updated
* Other minor changes
- Fixed some bugs

1.0.1 (b290) RC1 [15/07/2012]
+ Import tracks from CSV file
+ Translation to Serbian (thnx to PAYROLL - nklisic)
+ Link to project page "TrackChecker for iPhone"
* Updated site parser engine
* Data storing algorithm was updated
* Restarts with old command line arguments after services update
* Enter/Backspace switch next/previous page in Track Add Wizard
- Fixed hanging update progress of tracks with mask limited services
- Other minor bug-fixes

1.0.1 (b289) beta [24 June 2012]
+ Restriction on the launch of checking of all tracks, not more than 1 time in 10 minutes
+ Restriction to select no more than 10 services at the same time for each track
+ Added new command line parameter: dp. Specify the path to the program data. Example: -dp: "C:\TrackCheckerData".
+ Added a flag in the properties of the service: Full mask match for the track.
+ Translation to Turkish (Thanx to Erkan Umut)
* Translation to English updated (Thanx to Erkan Umut)
* Improved alternative sorting of events
* Changed the data storage algorithm programs (Modes: Portable and Normal)
* Changed the format of the description of services (services.dat). Now it's is not compatible with older versions of the program.
* Other changes
- Fixed some bugs

1.0.0 (b288) [22 May 2012]
+ Column "Creation date"
+ Option "Alternative events sort"
* Sites parser engine changes
- Some minor bug-fixes

1.0.0 (b287) beta [05 May 2012]
+ Optional delay of starting a periodical update of the tracks
* Сhina Post & China EMS captcha OCR update
- Some bugs fixed

1.0.0 (b285) beta [16 Apr 2012]
+ Сhina Post & China EMS captcha recognize support.
* One minute delay before updating of tracks or program after it's starts.
* Changes in HTTP requests module

1.0.0 (b284) [29 Mar 2012]
* Improved data files moving algorithm (When changing of program data path)
* Backup options is now On by default (Period: Day)
* Saving previous data file version on saving (with .bak extension)
* Track normalization when generating view or open URL for track's service ("Open track on serivce...")
- Fixed data backups function
- Fixed hide/unhide/show hidden function with/without filters applieds
- Fixed progress bar values when updating tracks
- Fixed statistics calculating function

1.0.0 (b281) [10 Mar 2012]
+ Now you can enter multiple tracking numbers separated ";" in one element. But they will be checking on services selected on "Services" tab.
+ For remote program shutdown you can place file named "tc_close" in program data folder. After a few seconds program will terminate.
* Removed wrong connection check function call before starting of tracks update
* Sites parser engine changes
- Fixed statistic bug

1.0.0 (b280) [07 Mar 2012]
* Track log format changed
- Wrong message about missed files on first program run

1.0.0 (b279) [06 Mar 2012]
+ Setting an additional event time when new track is adding
+ Caption of additional events can now be editing while new track is adding
* Button "Show hidden" moved from filters tool bar to main tool bar
- Context menu bug fixed
- Fixed bug with tracks with all events hidden
- Fixed bug with options window when its open while tracks is updating

1.0.0 (b278) [23 Feb 2012]
+ New feature for mark as read of new events (option)
* Input date/time without delimiter
* Context menu for tracks tree refreshed
* Saving path of last screen shot save
* More correct reaction on Windows shutdown
* Event about deliver now will be added with current date/time
* Sites parser engine changes
- Fixed some problems with program data saving/loading
- Fixed wrong control alignment in options window

1.0.0 (b274) [27 Jan 2012]
+ Checks track existing on add (option)
+ Global hot-key for restore/minimize Application (option)
+ New tracks filter option - filter by all events
* New fast search function
* Main menu renewed
* Options window renewed
* Days counter logic changed - now it skips hidden events in visible track
* Expanded nodes list storing changed from data.xml to options.xml
* Sites parser engine changes
* Some other improvements and fixes

1.0.0 b268 [26 Nov 2011]
* Some changes of options window
* Case insensitive sort of tracks tree
- Repeated messages about new version of services
- Blocking of "Open track in service..." for all tracks while updating
- Proxy server login/password using fix
- Fixed installer. Added Multi-language resources.

1.0.0 b267 [18 Nov 2011]
* Link to homepage for all UI languages except Russian is
- After Updating track on all services this all services were added to track selected services

1.0.0 b266 [16 Nov 2011]
+ Confirmation of hiding track number when getting track screenshot (Tracks-Take screenshot)
* Some improvements and fixes

1.0.0 RC4 b264 [13 Nov 2011]
* Some fixes with days counter overlay
* Few other small changes

1.0.0 RC3 b263 [08 Nov 2011]
+ Shows days passed from first event near the track icon (option)
+ Tree scroll when d&d is close to tree edge
- Fixed D&D (was broken in RC2)
- Few other small fixes

1.0.0 RC2 b262 [04 Nov 2011]
- Fixed problem with option "customize font style and size for elements with new events"
- Other small fixes

1.0.0 RC1 b261 [28 Oct 2011]
+ New menu item "Customize toolbar" in popup menu of toolbars visibility
- Fixed error when copy-paste

1.0.0 b260 [27 Oct 2011]
+ Customizable main toolbar (Options - Customize main toolbar)
* Track elements will be lighted by red color, if occurs connection or request problem with all of selected services.

1.0.0 b259 [26 Oct 2011]
- Fixed Error on program startup (Access Violation)

1.0.0 b258 [25 Oct 2011]
+ Added animation of updating process icon
+ New option - customize font style and size for elements with new events
* Few changes in track number input
- Services autocheck fixes
- Fixed wrong message about program restart

1.0.0 b257 [22 Oct 2011]
+ True translation to Chinese in two variations
+ Date of Create label in Track and Group properties window
+ Correct entities (&...;) translation when parsing services pages
+ Shows Hint when entering track for service with complex track (i.e.: de_post)
* Fixes in copy-paste algorithm
* Few changes in sites parsing module

1.0.0 b256
* New icons for "Update" and "Update all"
* Few changes in "About" window
- Fixed error with empty menu item in "Open Track on service.." submenu
- Fixed status bar refreshing

1.0.0 b255
+ Google translation to Chinese
+ New Paypal donate link in "About" window
* Copy-Paste of tracks in root of tree
* Press Esc in main window to clear selection, then press Esc again to minimize app
* Close all modal windows on Esc
- Fixed text of days counter in Track Properties windows

1.0.0 b253
+ Translation to Ukrainian
+ New option: Tree - "Hide empty groups when filtering" (def.-off)
+ New option: Visual - "Do not show message when link to service is opened in browser"
* Multi-language mechanism fixes

1.0.0 b250
+ First version with multi-language interface support

Services changelog

v103 [02/26/2013]

  • gt_post - Correo de Guatemala
  • ru_gz - Где заказ? (ru)
  • it_post_r - Poste Italiane (Posta Raccomandata - Registered mail)
  • ph_post - PhilPost (Post of Philippines)
  • cn_hhexp - (cn)
  • mx
  • ukr_ems,ukr_ems_en,ukr_ems_ru
  • china
  • de_post,de_post_en
  • ukr_np,ukr_np_ru
  • gls
  • ukr_np,ukr_np_ru
  • cn_ywie
  • us_brkrsww
  • 4px
  • cr_post

v102 [01/21/2013]

  • ae_post - AE Post
  • nl_post_2ru
  • au_ae - Allied Express (au)
  • mx_estafeta - Estafeta Mexico
  • ru_rep - Русская Экспресс Почта
  • ru_dellin
  • meest_2, meest_2_uk
  • uk_tm
  • ukr_en
  • pf, pf_detailed
  • royal
  • ua_intime
  • de_post,de_post_en
  • ptt
  • at (+at2)
  • spsr
  • in_dtdc
  • au_cp
  • dpex

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