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to the website of the ultimate powerful Tracking software for Windows:

With TrackChecker You can trace:
  • Parcels
  • Shipments
  • AWBs (Airway Bill)
  • Mails

    Do you usually make a lot of shopping online? Are you an active Buyer or Seller on eBay?  So, you need to keep the tracks of many items?
If yes, this tool is right for you!
And it is absolutely FREE!!!

    The very first version of TrackChecker was developed in the beginning of 2010 year and had the Russian interface only.

    Now, the application gained popularity among the Russian-speaking users, and it has been translated into the other languages: English, Ukrainian, Armenian, Chinese, Turkish and other...

    If you want to translate the tool into other languages, please read this.

    The English version of this website has started recently, so, it is not as complete as the Russian website for now. But you can browse the Russian site via Google Translate anytime to get more information about the tool.

Let's make few steps:
    Download > Unzip > Install > Run
Then add the tracking (barcode) numbers and press "Check all", and know always where your items are!

Key features:
  1. Monitoring the status of any number of tracks to more than 270 postal and courier services all over the world
  2. User can create Track groups in any configuration, which they help the user not to get lost in their premises
  3. Ability to add and configure almost any of mail tracking service via the user interface
  4. Many options allow customizing the program for themselves: The checking period, auto start, notifications, appearance of the list of tracks (colorized track highlighting, font of the tracks tree, etc.), connection setup, and many other options
  5. Program can run in portable mode (Store all program data near the executable)
  6. Automatic checking for program updates and automatically updates the extra info of services
  7. Filtering, a quick search, sorting and other features of tracks tree
  8. Multi-language user interface
And many more...

The latest version with the multi-language interface is available for download.

Available languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian, Armenian, Chinese, Turkish, Serbian, Spanish, Deutsch, French, etc...
(If you would like to participate in the translation into other languages, please read this. It’s easy!).

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Download links

Actual version:

Services description:

Archived versions:

You can always leave feedback here.

This tool is absolutely FREE.
But in any case, would you like to support the Developer for the future improvements, and other great Freewares you cannot give up?

Donate by:
  • BitCoin: 1JrFaCKhTKPGDCp1NsaVeByuhfjL1JPyYv

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